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Carlos Crusco

There is no sight on earth more appealing than the sight of a man or woman making dinner for someone he or she loves.Thomas Wolfe

Growing up with Argentine parents I truly enjoyed the finer things in life and by things I mean “food”! With parents from Italian and Spanish heritage, it was normal to have asados, empanadas, fresh pasta, polenta, paellas, and jamon serrano on a weekly basis. My mother was a phenomenal day to day cook. She taught me the basics like estofados (stews), zapallitos rellenos (stuffed zucchini), and homemade noquis (Italian potato dumplings). My father took things a step further as he excelled in finer cuisine (mainly Italian and French). He introduced me to fresh pasta, foie gras, crepes suzette, souffl├ęs, duck, and fish or beef en croute. I started cooking recreationally from the age of 10; I developed a wealth of knowledge from my parents, extensive reading, and culinary travels throughout South America and Europe.

I am currently establishing my Personal Chef business in the Austin area. I offer customer specific services including private events, corporate meetings, cooking classes and family meal packages. I specialize in Argentine and Mediterranean food, specifically Italian, Spanish and French.

Outside of work, you can usually find me cooking for friends and family. I also enjoy playing tennis, soccer, running, and snow skiing. Additionally, my happiest moments are when traveling and seeing the world! It is through traveling on these culinary experiences that I find inspiration for different ingredients, techniques, and new ways to look at food and the whole concept of cooking.