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kim camacho

Kim Camacho
Event Coordinator

Kim was born and raised on the west coast. She started her career in restaurants at the age of 16.  Shortly after she gained an opportunity to coordinate events where she found her love for hosting people. Kim relocated to Dallas, Tx from Los Angeles in 2014 where she continued her work in the service industry and events. Over the years she has worked for many reputable restaurant owners & chefs, throughout Southern California, Dallas and now Austin.

After relocating to Austin in 2018, she has shared her passion for hospitality with many Austinites while working for The Peached Tortilla and Bartlett’s. She is excited to bring her experience & passion to Chef Crusco Catering. 

Maria Rosario - Chef

Maria Rosario

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, María now calls Austin her home. From her time on her beautiful island, she learned the importance of growing your own food early on, and has enjoyed making and eating desserts since she was a little girl. Even now, she also likes to try new recipes and to have home cooked meals every day.

With her background in agriculture and public health, María worked as a nutrition educator and program manager for several years before deciding on a career change. Currently, she is pursuing a degree in baking and pastry at Austin Community College.

At Chef Crusco Catering she has the opportunity to prepare delicious recipes and knowing that the customers enjoyed their meal makes her happy!

Leah Eshelman - Chef

Leah Eshelman

A Pennsylvania native, Leah moved to Austin in 2011 to attend a health-supportive cooking program at The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts. Hungry to learn more about food and cooking, she started working in restaurants as a prep and line cook, developing knowledge of culinary techniques and gaining a deep appreciation for farm-to-table cooking. Leah continued to develop her craft in several Austin establishments practicing pastry and catering, teaching cooking classes, and providing personal chef services.

Currently, she manages the kitchen at a locally-owned Japanese concept specializing in healthy, flavorful bento boxes. When she cooks at home for friends or family, she likes to keep it fresh and flavorful with citrus, herbs and tons of seasonal vegetables.

Leah is delighted to be able to hone and share her craft with clients through Chef Crusco Catering. Food has always been a huge part of her life. It gives people reasons to gather, create, nourish and indulge. When she has the opportunity to see clients enjoying the experience of a thoughtfully prepared meal, she is reminded of why she fell in love with cooking. 

Alexa Heras - Server

Alexa Heras

Alexa grew up in a traditional Mexican family that also started their own taco restaurant, Taco Tote in El Paso, TX.  Watching the family work, she developed a passion for cooking and a curiosity to understand the science behind food and how it affects ones health.

Due to this passion, Alexa studied and received a degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from New Mexico State University. Now as a bilingual nutritionist, Alexa specializes in community nutrition by providing adult and child nutrition education.

On her own time, Alexa likes to travel, try new cuisines and challenge herself with daring activities (skydiving is next!). Alexa’s love for food and cooking would not be as fun without family, friends, music and dance! And this is what Chef Crusco Catering is all about. Not only do you get a taste of Chef Crusco’s Argentinian culture (through the food/service) but you also learn how to make the experience positive, educational and fun for the staff and most importantly the clients.

Erin Cuming - Server

Erin Cuming

Erin was born and raised in Houston, TX, and moved to Austin in 2014 after receiving a Psychology degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

After working in the Real Estate industry for years, she decided to make a change and move to Nicaragua to teach English. A year and a half later, she moved back to Austin with a rekindled love for international culture and cuisine. 

Erin instantly connected with Chef Carlos at a local event and has enjoyed working with him since. The level of passion and knowledge brought by Chef Crusco Catering is unmatched, and each experience (whether in a home, office space, or community event) is special and fulfilling in their own way.  

Veronica Garcia - Server

Veronica Garcia

Veronica comes from San Antonio and currently Cibolo, Texas where she has had the privilege of working 17 wonderful years in the catering industry. This journey has allowed her to work for both big catering companies, such as the RK Group, and tight-knit community companies like Champion and Absolutely Everything.

Currently, Veronica works for several catering outfits that include El Jarro de Arturo and Absolutely Delicious in San Antonio which is where she connected with Chef Crusco. She truly enjoys working residential events with Chef Crusco Catering because she gets to be part of a team of chefs and servers that execute perfectly prepared and delicious dishes.

The experience of working in the service industry and Chef Crusco Catering has not only been enriching to her professionally, but also has taught her the golden rule in catering: to treat every guest as a special person.

jacob picture

Jacob Rebolloso

Originally from San Antonio, Jacob moved to Austin in 2020 to take advantage of the expanding opportunities in the food and beverage industry and immerse himself in the city’s lively atmosphere. With over 20 years of experience, Jacob has developed a passion for creating memorable dining experiences.

Jacob got his start in the industry at 19 as a bartender at Mi Tierra Restaurant in the Historic Market Square after being certified from the Bartending School of San Antonio. Eager to learn more about the food and beverage industry, Jacob was given an opportunity to work at the Marriott Hotel and El Jarro de Arturo Restaurant where he learned and expanded his knowledge and expertise in serving, bartending, and Catering.

Since moving to Austin, Jacob has had the wonderful opportunity to work at prestigious venues such as, The Whim, The Arlo, and Austin Country Club. Jacob is delighted to join Chef Carlos Catering to bring his skills to the table and to learn from one of the best in the industry.

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