Life by Chocolate

Recipe created and provided by Chef Crusco Catering in Austin, Texas



  1. Follow the links above and make the following: Chocolate Cake, Ganache, Sorbet, Nibs and Candied Orange Peels. Slice the candied orange peels into very thin julienne strips. Set aside.
  2. Supreme the oranges by removing the peel and white pith surrounding the orange. Then using a knife, slice in between the skin so to only remove the flesh of the orange. Set aside and soak in Mezcal or Port (optional).
  3. To make the Orange Puree start by washing the Navel oranges, dry and set aside.
  4. Using a sharp knife, score the oranges from top to bottom and place in a pan of boiling water for 1-2 minutes. Immediately transfer the oranges to a bowl of iced water.
  5. It’s laborious but do this process 8-10 times with fresh boiling water every time. After the 10th time, remove and place into the cold ice water. Once cool, cut the oranges in half and remove any seeds.
  6. You will then place the sugar in a dry sauté pan and heat (med high heat) to a light caramel.
  7. Deglaze with the Vinagre de Jerez. Immediately add the orange juice, oranges and cook until the oranges are very soft.
  8. Transfer the oranges and juices to your blender and blitz until smooth. To make extra silky and smooth, you can pass the mixture through a fine sieve. Set aside.
  9. To plate, brush the warm ganache onto the plate. Place a slice of Cake on top. Drizzle the cake with Ganache. Top with candied orange strips.
  10. Place a large spoonful of puree onto the plate and brush across the plate. Top with the orange supremes.
  11. Place the Amaretto cookie crumble onto the plate. Top with a quenelle of Sorbet. Top the sorbet with Cacao nibs.
  12. Garnish the plate with fresh mint and dust the plate with powdered sugar. Enjoy!