Grilled Smash Burger

Recipe created & provided by Chef Crusco Catering


  • 1/3 lb. Chuck Roast – cut into small chunks
  • 1/3 lb. Short rib meat – cut into small chunks
  • 1/3 lb. Tri tip or Flank – cut into small chunks
  • Coarse Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper
  • 1 Iceberg Lettuce – shaved thin
  • 1 Beef steak Tomato – sliced thin
  • Condiments of choice: Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup, etc…
  • 4 Fresh Challah Hamburger Buns – toasted on the grill
  • 1/2 cup Beef Tallow (beef fat)


  1. First make the ground beef by cutting the different meats into roughly 1-2 inch cubes.
  2. Spread the cubes of beef in an evenly distributed layer on a sheet pan and place the tray of beef in the freezer for 30 minutes minimum.
  3. While the beef is chilling, prepare a bowl with ice water that will hold the ground beef.
  4. Using a food processor, pulse cubes of steak until finely chopped, about 15-20 pulses.
  5. Make sure to work in smaller batches and not all at once. After each batch, transfer the chopped meat to the chilled bowl.
  6. When ready to form burgers, take care to NOT overwork the meat. Do not pack the meat together. Very gently, form the ground beef into rough 4 oz. balls — just enough to give them shape without compressing the beef. (They’ll be flattened straight on the grill to create crispy edges from cooking).
  7. Heat grill to 400 degrees on medium-high direct heat.  Place a cast iron skillet on the grill to get nice and hot. Add butter or beef tallow (beef fat which we use) to the skillet and let it melt.
  8. Working in batches, place burgers on the skillet. Flatten with a metal spatula to roughly 1/4 inch thick. Season burgers w/ salt & pepper. Flip burgers when edges begin to form a nice, crispy crust. 
  9. At this point you can add cheese (if you want) and continue to cook. Remove the burgers once both sides have achieved crispy griddled edges. Add more beef tallow to the skillet and place the burger buns on just enough to toast.
  10. To assemble burgers, slather both buns with mayo and mustard. Top one bun with shaved lettuce. Then, add a patty on top of the the other bun and top with a slice of tomato. Dress with ketchup.
  11. Sit back and enjoy the juicy and delicious burger!