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Grilling Class 101

Fish Tacos + Salsa Verde Fresh fish, Latin spices, Lime-cilantro-tomatillo salsa   Grilled Asparagus Green Salad Fresh asparagus, Summer greens, Mustard-lemon vinaigrette, Pecorino cheese   Grilled Flank Steak Flanks steak, Herb dutch potatoes, Garlic-Spinach   Grilled Peach + Toast Grilled Texas peaches, Grilled pound cake, Berry coulis    

Event Details

Date:    Location Address:     Contact Information:       Number of people:   Formal/Informal:   Dining Needs:     Dinner Pace (Slow/Fast):   Types of food wanted:   Argentine, Spanish, Italian, French, Latin, American   Favorite snacks:     Favorite appetizers:   Favorite mains:   Favorite desserts:   Favorite restaurants:   Types of

Dinner Menu

Crudité with Green Goddess dressing Cherry tomatoes, asparagus, radishes, and carrots Herb and lemon mayonnaise Empanaditas Criollas Mini baked pastry turnovers Meat filling of olives, raisins and eggs Ham, mozzarella, and roasted red pepper Lamb with Chimichurri salsa Grilled baby lamb chops with Argentine salsa of Oil, red wine vinegar, garlic, herbs, pimenton, and spices

Tapas Party

Sangria Citrico Red wine, sugar, citrus, brandy, triple sec, and lemon soda Jamon Croquettas Classical fritters of Spanish ham Gambas al ajillo Spain’s favorite tapa of garlic sautéed shrimp Empanadas de Atun Flaky baked turnovers filled with tuna, tomato and onions Pinchos de Tortilla Espanola Squares of potato-egg omelet topped with Spanish chorizo Pan con